We are busy working on a framework of thought, social network, and data platform to push humanity towards cohesion.

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Manumit the Mind

Manumit the Mind presents a framework of thought, imminent social network and backing data platform to aid in accelerating the progression of humanity towards its cohesive future.

Our framework of thought enables the liberation of individual human expression through the elimination of perspective constraining pronouns, the viewing of interpersonal expressions of feelings through a data science and scientific lense, and by providing tools and services that preserve the integrity of the individual's freedom of expression while maintaining the perspective conveyed by the framework of thought.

The understanding that we are an emergent agent constituted by the aggregation of more fundamental organisms and building blocks from whom we derive and experience interpretations of the world.

Never directly or immediate, our experience, but separate and removed.

Each of us is responsible for coming to understand what we, as an aggregate, feel.

We are responsible for not only understanding how we feel, but pinpointing the data points over time that makes us feel that way.

The responsibility is thereby extended to being able to articulate this understanding to ourselves and others.

The Ubiquitous Validity Principle is born by projecting the validity of self actualized understanding onto others emboldened to do the same.

The practice of non-attachment aided by the Bayesian hypothesis, whereby nothing remains stagnant, encourages us to encourage all interpretations to be updated and modified as new data points and interpretations become known.

Strive for 1:1 parity in the articulation and reception of the elocution of others by bypassing more complex brain centers to allow the recieved data to be experienced in order to articulate that experience as one's own.


Manumit the Mind

Manumit the Mind is a social movement to adjust the perspective of humanity from focusing on the individual to the collective, for each individual is itself a collective.

Thought Framework A shift in perspective from the individual to the collective.
Social Network Social network focused on ensuring that individual's freedom of expression keeps the collective in perspective.
Data Platform Data platform to derive meaning from the collective expression to move humanity forward.

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